Life goes where it’s invited and stays where it’s appreciated” – Mike Epstein

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How Do I Start My Transformation ?

Hello Everyone, It's pretty funny having people come up to me and recognizing me.  But what I notice more than anything else is that people genuinely want help.  They

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2017 – Unleashing Your Inner Hero

Thank you Ali Gorman and ABC Action News for giving me an opportunity to share my success and show others that you can achieve anything you put your mind

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My Letter to Chris Powell

Here it is !!  The letter I wrote to Chris Powell.  Yes, it is real.  I had a lot of people asking about it.  You will notice a lot

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Have you ever said “I’ll Start Tomorrow”?

I wanted to start a series of blogs that really show what was going through my mind before I was selected for Extreme Weight Loss and the transformation that

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Voorhees dad is the Rocky of weight loss –

It was a comeback that brought comparisons to Rocky on ABC's Extreme  Weight Loss this week. In the course of losing more than half his body weight, Mike Epstein

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