Welcome to Mike’s World – My First Blog Post

SONY DSCSo this is where it begins.  The date is August 14, 2013.  It's the day after my episode of Extreme Weight Loss aired on ABC.  For those of you who saw my episode, it was quite an adventure.  Some of you may call it a struggle, but I like to call it an adventure.  Because that's what it was.  A year of my life that would change me forever.  I started the year off at 417 pounds.  By the time my year was over I weighed 196 pounds.  A total weight loss of 53% and a body fat percentage of 10%.  I really lost all my weight in nine months.  A feat that had never been done before and an unheard of body fat of 10% which had also never been accomplished before.  And all of this was done when I was 49 years old.  

I had gotten myself into better shape than I was when I was playing football in college at Albright College in the 1980s.  

I just turned 50 this past April.  I celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary with my wife Nanci.  What a crazy, amazing year it's been!  I'm no longer a spectator with my children, I'm now a participant.   This is my first blog. I will be blogging on a  regular basis and introducing you to my transformation process as well as introducing you to the people who were instrumental in my success.

Welcome to Mike's World !! 

Voorhees dad is the Rocky of weight loss – PhillyNews.com

It was a comeback that brought comparisons to Rocky on ABC's Extreme  Weight Loss this week. philly news Rockey of weight lossIn the course of losing more than half his body weight, Mike Epstein of  Voorhees, with encouragement from ex-heavyweight champ Evander Holyfield, fought  a 12-round exhibition match, and afterward didn’t even realize he’d  broken a couple of ribs.

NJ dad loses 221 lbs. on ‘Extreme Makeover’ | Video | 6abc.com

VOORHEES, N.J.; August 13, 2013 (WPVI) -- "Next to getting married and having my kids, this is the most amazing experience of my life," says Michael Epstein of his chance to reshape his life on "Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition."

Over a year's time, he lost half of his body weight - dropping from 417 to 196 pounds.

Read story and see video: http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/video?id=9205484